Christmas Shopping For Men is Hard. Or Is It?

Posted by Sarah Herd on

When we ponder over Christmas gifts for men, we factor in their likes and dislikes, their values, their new obsession, and perhaps those subtle hints they've been dropping about what they really, really want. But we may still end up drawing a blank. Or realize that the thing they want or their current obsession is either too expensive or impractical! During times like these, the best Christmas gifts for him can simply be something personalized, something practical that he will definitely use, and something elegant that he can show-off to guests and buddies.

A personalized bottle opener or wine pourer is a thoughtful choice if he likes to relax with a glass of wine and serves varietals at parties. If he is more of a caffeine fiend, a unique coffee mug or artisan coffee spoon for his flat white will surely float his boat. He'll find them cool and useful – and feel assured that you care. If the man in question is your new boyfriend, he'll probably be thankful that you didn't get him a book or cologne or vest that he would have probably relegated to his closet/drawer. Your husband will appreciate the original design and utility value of the gift.

When in doubt about Christmas gifts for boyfriend, husband or any Him in your life, choosing a distinctive, quirky and/or personalized item will save the day and earn you brownie points.


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