Couchcoaster - Premium quality mug or cup holder

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CouchCoaster - The ultimate drink holder for your sofa - is designed to hold mugs, tumblers, bottles and cans and works on a variety of shapes and sizes of sofa arm.

CouchCoaster is made of high quality, durable and wipe-clean silicone to seamlessly wrap over your sofa arm and keep your drink within easy reach.

Its ergonomic design caters for mugs and tumblers up to 90mm in diameter, while the adapter supplied creates a snug fit for bottles and cans up to 70mm wide.

CouchCoaster's unique profile and weighted body provides optimum support and integrity on your sofa arm and is suitable for flat, curved, wide or narrow arms which are at least 14cm wide with gently sloping sides.

CouchCoaster is of British origin, and its sleek, minimalist exterior has undertones of Japanese and Skandinavian design which complements its surrounding environment as if it were designed for your very own sofa.